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Eastern Arizona College

Eastern Arizona College truly must be experienced in person to fully appreciate its unique character. Our small size, pastoral setting, and diverse student body create an atmosphere unlike anyplace else you will find in Arizona. In fact, at first glimpse of the campus, lined with sycamores and evergreens and framed by the Gila and Pinaleno Mountains, you'll feel this is a place you can call home. But before drawing any conclusions, we encourage you to look beneath the surface. Meet with an admission counselor, take a walking tour, attend a class, talk with students and instructors. We know that the closer you look, the more you will come to realize that the "Eastern Experience" may be just what you're searching for.

Eastern Arizona College currently has a consumer satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

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615 N Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552


(928)428-8472 fax: (928)428-8462

Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Eastern Arizona College - Thatcher AZ
Eastern Arizona College - Thatcher AZ

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4 out of 5 stars
"Great Hard working Staff..."
Posted: 9/5/2017 by Larry Dominguez

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