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Copper Steer Steakhouse

Copper Steer Steakhouse is apart of the Restaurant industry located at 1206 E. Hwy 70 in Safford Arizona and currently has a consumer satisfaction rating of 1.0 out of 5 stars.
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1206 E. Hwy 70
Safford, AZ 85546


(928)348-8400 fax: (928)348-8300

Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 4pm-9pm
Sat: 12pm-9pm
Sun: 12pm-7:30pm
Copper Steer Steakhouse - Safford AZ
Copper Steer Steakhouse - Safford AZ

Consumer Reviews

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1 out of 5 stars
"My wife and. I went there for dinner. When we got there the bartender was great. When we ordered our dinner, they didn't have blue cheese or ranch for the salads. We both ordered the smoked prime rib. When our meals came out you couldn't cut the meat with a chain saw. We told the waitress and she would just bring us a prime rib. We ate our salad,beans,and potato. We told them we went paying for the dinner. The waitress talked to the manager and she stated we would have to pay for the steaks. I said no everything else was eaten and the steaks came out so we refused them. I told the manager at least taco bell would make it right. The manager didn't care. So my review out of 10 is minus ten. Over priced for the food coming out at different times. Here's a suggestion for the manager! Take all the food away, apologize, and start over with maybe 10% off."
Posted: 4/22/2016 by Mike

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